Continuing education

We train

Our training courses are intended for doctors, nursing staff, teachers, social workers and managers of public or private administrations and people working in humanitarian associations and NGOs. We train them in psychiatric, psychotherapy, mediation and conflict management. These are innovative modular training courses, à la carte, practical, adapted to needs. They are practical and suitable because they consist of training professionals for the targeted, effective assessment, diagnosis and management of common medical conditions and global mental health disorders. They are innovative and à la carte because we have modern and avant-garde technologies to aid in diagnosis and non-invasive treatment. We want to avoid therapeutic wandering, which does a lot of damage among victims and people suffering from mental health disorders.

To benefit from our training, please contact the CPM contact at the email address:
ipmcpm3@gmail.com and phones +237.658.052.913 or +237.678.704.622.