Who are we ?

Presentation of IPM Senegal

IPM Senegal is the national representation of IPM International, headquartered in Neuchâtel in Switzerland (www.ipm-int.org ) according to the government’s opening authorization Senegalese since October 2012. Through the Center for Psychotraumatology and Mediation from Liberté 6, Cité Asecna Villa 83, IPM Senegal acts in accordance with the plan strategic defined by the head office.

Specifically, in the different sectors and specialties of mental health, IPM Senegal pursues the following objectives:
1. Assist Senegal as a benchmark country in the CEDEAO sub-region for mental health and humanitarian programs through pilot studies and surveys, the organization of conferences and major scientific meetings related to global mental health.
2. Promote the university, postgraduate and continuing education of professionals in the screening and care of those with mental health problems.
3. Give vulnerable populations, children-adolescents-adults, men in uniform, medical personnel, first-aid workers, and all workers called upon during armed conflicts and suffering from psychological trauma by offering them an appropriate platform and care. of their recovery.
4. Provide medical, psychological and psychiatric care for victims of war trauma, terrorism,
internally displaced persons and refugees as well as other victims of sexual assault, criminals, psychological abuse and rape, etc.
5. Treat the mentally ill and other victims of invisible injuries (mistreatment, rape, etc.) with respect, dignity and without stigma.