Current projects

The IPM Senegal

We provide responses adapted to the needs and expectations of Senegalese populations in distress, depending on the social and economic situation. As part of support for patients and other people suffering from global mental health distress with or without associated general medical conditions. IPM Senegal is launching research and surveys to assess the impact of mental health disorders in people with:

• Neurocognitive and mental health disorders in patients living with HIV infection.
• Overall mental health conditions among refugees in Senegal.
• Overall mental health and addictive behaviors among pupils, school, elementary, secondary, professional and university students.
• Coronavirus (Covid-19) and overall mental health during and after confinement on populations.

Promote clinical studies on the efficacy of traditional African pharmacopoeia drugs on neuropsychiatric, neurodevelopmental, neurodegenerative disorders and diseases of viral and bacterial etiology. Only drugs that have received approval from the Ministries of Health of the countries concerned may be the subject of a clinical study by our international research team made up of clinicians, scientists and epidemiologists.